YO Shampoo – Concept design

Sustainable Packaging

As more firms recognize a need for more sustainable alternatives to conventional plastic, many of them are making changes to packaging, doing things such as switching to regenerative, recyclable and compostable materials or reducing the number of different materials used to make recycle easier. But for some applications, the product and its regulatory requirements can severely limit the ability to make significant eco-forward packaging changes. Look no further than the personal care industry. But sustainable options can be limited when it comes to packaging liquid goods like shampoo, body soap, and laundry detergent, making plastic the most practical choice but which remains a real environmental nightmare.

So, we imagined an elegant, on-trend look for a hypothetical shampoo line, packaged in refillable eco friendly containers, made from watertight paper and dressed up with hair pattern. Regarding the naming, we came up with a short name, called YO, having a simple and sleek logo mark, whose curved shapes evoke the curls of the hair. The proposals for dispensers are made from a compostable material of recycled paper and wood.