Green Energy drink – Label design

Client: NGM International, The Netherlans

Exploring without limits.

Project description:

Vision and positioning the brand:
Green Energy – Exploring without limits

Defining the vision: to inspire people

Brand Personality: Strong, Brave

Brand Archetype: the EXPLORER

Keywords: Freedom, Brave, Adventurous, Explore

Target audiance: active young people going to gym,
to parties, clubs, concerts, hiking.

Brand tagline: Exploring without limits

Getapte Jongen – Beer label design

Client: Marvelous, Den Bosch, The Netherlans

Wij brouwen er wat moois van.

Project description:

The client, Marvelous, a software developer company for online marketing and e-commerce from Den Bosch, The Netherlands, was coming up with a very special brief for the design as the beer to be as gift to their clients and relations. Beer is something you drink together and the informal aspect does result (quite often) in great collaborations.

Keywords on their business are: Content Management, Development, Imagination, Sharing, Collaboration. A little joke in the “geek” direction was very welcome, an icon or some text were put in the brief as a solution.

In order to come up with the best solution, we choose a funny “geek” icon, additionally some codes IT signs associated with it.

The result was a funny label, much appreciate by the client and not only.

Beleggingspand Rotterdam – Logo design

Client: Beleggingspand Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Nr. 1 makelaar voor beleggingspanden te Rotterdam.

Project description:

The client was looking for a corporate identity of a new company to be established. Belegginspand Rotterdam, a real estate and mortgage company, it’s an online portal of supply and demand to investment properties in the Greater Rotterdam region. Property owners can therefore offer it for sale and interested buyers can view the company offer online.
Keywords: fresh, challenging, robust and professional.
Colors to explore: in order to make a link with Rotterdam, the client wanted to use the city specific colors: green and blue. Also an inspiration for us was the representative modern architecture such as the Cube houses and the high-rise complex De Rotterdam by Rem Koolhaas.